Homeowners Insurance in Jacksonville FL

Jacksonville is the largest city in the United States with over 840 square miles. With our amazing weather, beautiful beaches, river access, golf courses, and some of the lowest taxes in the US it is no reason we have some of the fastest growing communities in the country. Those who live in Jacksonville enjoy affordable housing, entertainment, dining and low taxes. If you are one of the 170,000+ homeowners who call Northeast Florida home, you will want to protect your largest investment with a dependable Jacksonville home insurance policy.

At John Beck Insurance we shop thru our many homeowners insurance companies to help you get the best rate and coverage for your home. Our highly qualified homeowner’s insurance agents do the hard work for you so your home insurance shopping will be easy and stress free. All quotes are customizable to your needs and budget requirements. If you would like to start shopping Jacksonville homeowner’s insurance rates, contact us today to speak with one of our friendly agents (904) 721-3129.

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Average Cost of Homeowners Insurance

Florida has the most expensive premiums in the country due to the state being prone to natural disasters - flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes, severe storms and wild fires.

Though the Florida premium average may seem like a lot, there are several variables that can and will influence your premium rate.

Factors That Will Determine Your Rate:

  • Your homes location- Are you in a flood zone or near the water
  • The age and condition of your roof, plumbing and electrical wiring
  • Your homes age, the type of materials used to construct your home
  • Homes appraised value
  • Your coverage amount
  • Your deductible amount
  • Do you have a swimming pool
  • The breed of dog you may have
  • Your home’s use. Is this your primary, secondary or vacation home?
  • Do you qualify for policy discounts

When you call John Beck Insurance we’ve got you covered. We will walk you through the entire process from start to finish. We will go over all of the pertinent questions related to the property you want to insure. Once we gather all of the relevant information we will then shop the best rates from our large network of insurance companies, to get you the best rate possible. With over 40 years of serving homeowners’ throughout Northeast Florida we have the experience, network and expertise to get you the cheapest rate for your home.

Insurance for a Second Home or Vacation Home

If you own multiple properties, either a vacation home or rental property you will need insurance coverage for each of them.

The cost of homeowners insurance for each subsequent property will vary based on its use. Take a vacation home for example; it may have weather-related risks based on its location. Rates will also vary based on the frequency of use. Often time’s second homes are used as income generators. If you are using your second home as a rental property you will need landlord coverage. You should also suggest that your tenant get renters insurance to protect their personal contents.

John Beck Insurance will discuss all aspects of your second home to understand its use and what insurance policy makes the most sense based on your needs. If you are insuring multiple homes we may be able to save you money on bundling your coverage with the same Jacksonville homeowners insurance company.

What Are the Risks Living In Jacksonville?

There are many benefits to live in Jacksonville; however there are also many risks. Jacksonville has one of the highest crime rates in Florida. We also receive a significant amount of severe weather (hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, severe thunderstorms, and wild fires). In 2016 Jacksonville was hit by Hurricane Matthew, which caused over $1.3 billion dollars in damages to homes, businesses, cars and our coastline. Due to the frequency of storms that hit Florida, Hurricane Insurance is required by insurance companies in order to protect your asset from damaging hurricanes.

Though most damage from hurricanes is caused by flooding, hurricane insurance does not cover any flood damage. Flood Insurance is required to cover damages caused by flooding waters. If you would like to further discuss Hurricane and Flood Insurance policies for your home contact John Beck Insurance today (904) 721-3129. One of our highly qualified homeowners insurance agents will walk you through the different options available for your budget.

Compare Home Insurance Rates

When you contact John Beck Insurance and request rates, we shop our network of many homeowner insurance companies to customize a quote based on your needs and budget. Shopping insurance policies can get confusing and you could choose the wrong policy for your situation. It is always recommended to contact one of our agents, who can speak with you regarding your home, the coverage you need, and your budget. Our advice is free and we always look forward to helping out customers by answering your questions and guiding you based on the coverage that makes the most sense for you.

At John Beck Insurance we specialize in homeowners, car and commercial insurance. If you would like a free quote or have questions regarding different coverage options, contact us today (904) 721-3129.