PIP Coverage In Florida

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Florida law requires every licensed and insured driver to carry PIP coverage. PIP stands for (Personal Injury Protection), and regardless of who is at fault, it provides compensation to drivers that are involved in an accident. It is required that every driver carry a minimum of $10,000 in PIP protection. If you have questions about…

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FR-44 Insurance in Jacksonville

What is FR-44 Insurance and why would someone need to have it? FR-44 Insurance is similar to an SR-22 Insurance certificate that you file with the state after a conviction. FR-44 however, is required after a DUI conviction and has higher limits than an SR-22 certificate. It is typically known as DUI Insurance. Once you…

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Benefits of Working With A Qualified Insurance Agent

Just like doing your taxes, shopping for insurance can be a stressful experience. Insurance is complex and can be confusing. This is why you need a reputable Jacksonville insurance agent you can rely on. An experienced insurance agent will help you navigate the different options, based on your needs, income and history. How Can Insurance…

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